Our Mandate



The main function of the Corporation as conferred by the enabling powers is to increase the availability in the state of dwelling houses, commercial and industrial buildings for acquisition by members of the public.This function is subject to the Corporation’s availability of funds and ancillary resources.This function can be interpreted to mean that the Corporation should ensure that people in the State own their houses or at least have access to decent, safe and sanitary accommodation at a cost -effective and affordable cost with secure land tenure.


The laws establishing Ogun State Housing Corporation empowers it to provide the following services:

  1. Assisting and educating on processes of plan approval, estate management and maintenance.
  2. Acquisition, development, construction and management of residential, commercial and industrial estate.
  3. Design, construction and maintenance of dwelling houses, commercial and industrial buildings.
  4. Provision and maintenance of roads, footways, bridges, drains, sewers and watercourses for or in connection with any housing estate, commercial or industrial estate, or building owned, constructed or managed by the Corporation.
  5. Acquisition, construction, maintenance or repair of any works, plant or apparatus necessary or desirable for the provision of electrical, water or sanitary for any housing estate, commercial or industrial estate or building owned, constructed or managed by the Corporation.
  6. To sell, let or otherwise dispose of any land vested in the Corporation upon such condition as the Corporation thinks fit.
  7. Other powers as stated in section 7, Part II of the Ogun State Housing Corporation Law No 2 1983.



The main focus of the Corporation towards consolidation of past gains and nurturing of future prospects are as follows:

  1. Encouraging Public/Private Partnership for the development of the Corporation’s Estates.
  2. Streamlining development on our Estates e.g. phase development.
  3. Encouragement of Landlords/Resident Associations on our Estates to foster good and active communal participation in the development of the various Estates.

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